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ChloroSense Kit

ChloroSense Kit

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985 g/db
Short description
Unique to Palintest, the new ChloroSense brings reagent free chlorine measurement to portable monitoring. ChloroSense uses a unique and patented electrochemical sensor to measure free and total chlorine simultaneously in a potable water sample.
Product properties
Taking less than a minute to give both results, the ChloroSense provides fast, accurate and portable chlorine measurement over a wide range of concentrations.
Single Use Disposable Sensors
The patented electrochemical sensors are individually packed and sealed against any possible contamination. There are no chemical reagents to measure out and none of the potential handling hazards associated with spilling powders or liquids. Stable for up to a year, the single use sensors test for both free and total chlorine simultaneously, and the readings are stored together with the temperature of the sample for later download.

Used sensors can be returned to Palintest for recycling.

Technical Specifications:

Test ranges: Free chlorine 0,02-10 ppm
Total chlorine 0,05-100 ppm
Analytical method: Sensor
Display: Graphical LCD 42mm×22mm
Data output: Waterproof USB interface
Power: Battery power (4×'AA') - optional power through USB port from computer
Size: W 170mm, D 126mm, H 116mm
Weight: 985g
Instrument Rating: Waterproof IP67
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