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Photometer 8000 fotométer

Photometer 8000  fotométer

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1.648 kg/db
Short description
The Palintest Photometer 8000 sets a new standard for water quality testing and ease of operation. It is designed to provide accurate and fast analysis for even the busiest test labs. Covering the full range of tests for clean and wastewater, it is compatible with all Palintest tablet and liquid photometer tests.
Product properties
With no moving parts, all measurements are made instantly, providing a very fast sample throughput. Compatible Palintest Tubetests reagent tubes are coded to provide all the instrument needs for wavelength range and calibration set-up and analysis. The instrument recognizes the tube method and measurement range and automatically sets up for a measurement. The user simply pushes in the tube and the instrument does the rest!
The unique multi-size cell holder adjusts automatically to all reagent tubes from 12 mm – 20 mm diameter with no inserts or adaptors required, again speeding up analysis, and making the unit very convenient for the routine analysis of large numbers of samples since no manual intervention is required to change ranges or tube sizes. The cell holder is fully jam- and trap-resistant to allow fast and secure tube swapping.
With an innovative permanent dual light source, the correct wavelength is automatically selected. A high efficiency light-focusing system provides a very high level of light throughput to the cells. The high intensity sources are up to 10 times brighter than the conventional optics found in other instruments and the optical system eliminates stray light effects, allowing the instrument to be used at maximum precision.

Technical Specifications

Instrument Type: Direct reading colorimeter with automatic set-up and reading
Operating wavelengths: 420nm, 500nm, 550nm, 575nm, 600nm, 650nm
Display: Large Backlit LCD touch-screen
Accuracy: +- 0,005 at 0,3 au
Resolution: transmittance resolution to 0,1% and absorbance resolution to 0,001 au
User-selectable Options: Display language (French, German, Spanish, Italian) date format, test, units, sample number, dilution, used ID and wavelength
Internal memory: 1000 sample results stored with selective recall
Data output: Bi-directional communication with output to printer or computer via RS232 serial interface
Test cells: Automatic adjustment for round test tubes from 13-20mm diameter
Power: Standard mains power, optionally battery power through standard 'AA' batteries
Size: 290×240×90 mm
Weight: 1648 g
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